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During the checkout process you’ll be offered TPMS. The sensors will be pre programmed to your car in advance and installed on your wheel if a wheel and tires package is purchased.

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Add your desired wheel or tires to the cart and when checking out select ‘Affirm’ as your payment method to apply. For our customers with developing credit select Katapult’s lease-to-own offering which includes a 90 day Early Purchase Option. Learn more here

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When using our search by vehicle tool our sophisticated database makes the necessary associations required to make sure we offer a perfect fit wheel and tires for your car or truck. All new orders are later human checked by one of our fitment veterans for accuracy. Shop with Confidence, We offer a 100% Fitment Guarantee.



Popular sizes custom wheels

Here is a list of all the common car sizes for tires or wheels

16 inch wheels

16×6, 16×7, 16×7.5, 16×8, 16×9 & 16×10

17 inch wheels

17×6, 17×6.5, 17×7, 17×7.5, 17×8, 17×8.5, 17×9, 17×9.5, 17×10.5, 17×11

18 inch wheels

18×7 wheels, 18×7.5, 18×8, 18×8.5, 18×9, 18×9.5, 18×10, 18×10.5,18×11

19 inch custom wheels

19×8, 19×8.5, 19×9, 19×9.5, 19×10, 19×10.5, 19×11,19×12,

20 inch truck wheels

20×8, 20×8.5 wheels, 20×9, 20×9.5, 20×10, 20×10.5, 20×11, 20×11.5, 20×12, 20×12.5, 20×14,

22 inch wheels

22×8.25, 22×8.5, 22×9, 22×9.5, 22×10 inch wheels, 22×10.5, 22×11, 22×11.5, 22×12, 22×14, 24×9, 24×9.5, 24×10, 24×11, 24×14, 26×10, 26×11, 26×12 & 26×9.5 If you’re looking for a particular size wheels or tires we recommend you use our search by vehicle tool and sort wheels by size.

Popular Finishes 

Some of our most popular car wheel finishes are Chrome Wheels, Silver Wheels, Gun Metal Wheels and Black Wheels.

Black Wheels

Machined Black, Black with Clear, Black gloss with matte black lips, Black,  Black Milled Wheels and even Chrome with Black Lip Wheels.

Different Finishes

At present the most popular finishing technique for wheels is liquid paint however some brands also do offer powder coat wheel which are beneficial for those regions where it snows at the salted road destroys most wheel finishes. Regardless of the finish of the wheel you select we always recommend a durable wheel finish not being chrome.

Chrome Wheels

A chrome wheel will never last as long as a painted wheel or a powder coated wheel. If you insist on a chrome wheel make sure you always keep the chrome clean and your wheel free of debris.

XD Series

Aftermarket wheels such as XD Series are known to have a durable finish and XD Series also has a very durable chrome.


Aftermarket Wheels

Wheels are most commonly manufactured in cast aluminum construction specifically aftermarket wheels. Most wheels for sale online are cast aluminum and in some cases forged.

XD Series

XD series which is one of our most popular brands are mostly cast aluminum.

Truck wheels

Larger truck wheels are available in forged also most common for the 22.5 inch wheels.

Car wheels

Steel wheels are also common as automotive manufacturers try to reduce the cost of production of cars.


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