Are Aftermarket Wheels Worth it?

The answer to are aftermarket wheels worth it is dependent on what type of wheels your vehicle currently has and the intended purpose of your vehicle and how aftermarket wheels can help for your unique situation. If your intended purpose is to reduce rotational mass / weight and you currently have steel wheels, yes aftermarket wheels are worth it so long as they’re aluminum or forged. If you’re wanting to add aftermarket wheels to your car under the assumption that value will rise, that is a hit or miss.

Keep in mind that the final outcome of how your car appears is your own subjective opinion and what looks good to you may not look good to others. With that said if you add aftermarket wheels that a potential buyer will like, it may increase the potential of the sale. But if the potential buyer does not like the appearance of the aftermarket wheels it may hinder the sale. As you can see, aftermarket wheels may be worth it in some cases and not in others, it is very dependent on your final intentions. 

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