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At WheelsASAP, we’re dedicated to creating delightful customer experiences through partnering with the right brands and providing stellar service.

Take a moment to read below to learn more about our company and how we differentiate from our competitors. Below is also our most recent reviews provided by Verified Customer.

How we differentiate from our competitors:

WheelsASAP: We’ll never hit you with restocking fees. If you don’t like your wheels, we’ll take them back for a Refund.

Competition: Our compititors charge a 25% – 45% restocking fees plus several other hidden fees. I know it’s hard to believe, poke around their fine print for yourself, it’s shocking!

WheelsASAP: We mount and road force balance your wheels and tires so when they arrive at your doorstep they’re ready to install. Oh, did I mention we don’t charge for it.

Competition: In most cases, our competition charges you for the service discreetly once you’re at the last page of the cart. Some backyard drop shippers don’t even offer the service leaving the hardship to you.

WheelsASAP: Our average delivery time for Just Wheels or Just Tires is 3 to 6 working days. We don’t charge freight unless it’s a single wheel (always free for sets of four).

Competition: Some of our competitors offer Free Shipping however they openly mention it’s 7 to 10 working days.

WheelsASAP: Our average response time to online inquiries is under 10 minutes. You’ll always be attended to by an industry expert with a minimum of 10 years experience (it’s our prerequisite for the job).

Competition: Between extended hold times and the used car lot style pushiness of a commission only salesman what can you expect lol.

WheelsASAP: We guarantee that our wheels will fit perfectly on your vehicle. In the unlikely event that you experience any fitment issues, one of our Senior Fitment Specialists will work with you to make things right. You will never be stuck with wheels that don’t fit!

Competitors: Good Luck! Go check their reviews and witness the horror stories for yourselves.

WheelsASAP Reviews

The below reviews were provided by Verified Customers thru Shopper Approved