Pontiac Firebird w/ Foose Nitrous F201 Wheels

Pontiac Firebird Foose Nitrous F201 Wheels

The Pontiac Firebird is a classic car built and sold by Pontiac between the 1960s and early 2000s. It draws its inspiration from muscle cars made back in the day. For this model, the owner saw it fit to install a new set of Foose Nitrous F201 rims. The rims are polished and built to be a perfect size for the Pontiac. The Foose wheels measure equally both at the front and rear, making sure your pony car rides well at all times.

Foose Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Pontiac Firebird
Wheels: Nitrous – F201
Wheel Finish: Polished
Wheel Diameter:

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