Jeep Wrangler w/ 24×14 Fuel FF07 Wheels

Jeep Wrangler 24x14 Fuel FF07 Wheels

This Jeep Wrangler sits quite high above the ground in its special set of Fuel FF07 rims. It not only exposes its mighty suspension system but also gives fans that perfect stance they want to see in an aggressively tuned SUV. The Fuel wheels measure a large 24×14 both at the front and rear and are responsible for much of the Wrangler’s aesthetic appeal. The rim comes polished with a custom finish and built to provide adequate performance for some adventurous driving.

Fuel Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Jeep Wrangler
Wheels: FF07
Wheel Finish: Polished
Wheel Diameter: 24×14

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