Chevrolet Colorado w/ 17×8.5 Fuel Hostage D531 Wheels

Chevrolet Colorado 17x8.5 Fuel Hostage D531 Wheels

The Chevrolet Colorado is built to make driving over the most difficult obstacles easy. It comes equipped with the latest tech and enough muscle to take on the toughest roads. Like the model pictured above, you can always go ahead and fit yours with a new set of Fuel Hostage D531 rims to boost its performance. The Fuel wheels come finished in matte black and are sized 17×8.5 front and rear to make them the perfect fit for the Colorado. They are designed to match the truck’s performance as well as its aesthetics.

Fuel Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Chevrolet Colorado
Wheels: Hostage – D531
Wheel Finish: Matte Black
Wheel Diameter: 17×8.5

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