Ford Focus w/ Custom 18×8.5 Rotiform SIX Wheels

Ford Focus w/ Custom 18×8.5 Rotiform SIX Wheels

The Ford Focus is a perfect hatchback for daily driving as it provides fun, room for five, and a hatch for whatever you need. This ST model got even better thanks to a new set of Custom Wheels from Rotiform as well. For this fitment, the owner decided to install a new set of Rotiform SIX rims in an 18 x 8.5 setup at the front and rear axles. These Custom Wheels were all given a Gold finish to contrast the factory Red body and do a perfect job of drawing attention.

Custom Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Ford Focus
Wheels: Rotiform SIX
Wheel Finish: Gold
Wheel Diameter: 18×8.5

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