Ford F-150 w/ 26×10 DUB Attack 6 XA40 Wheels

Ford F-150 26x10 DUB Attack 6 XA40 Wheels

This sleek Ford F-150 rides on a stylish set of DUB Attack 6 XA40 rims. The rims are sized 26×10 all through. The conspicuous matte candy red finish is just perfect for a completely white Ford like this one. It blends well with the black accents and tinted windows. A hi polish coating adds that extra protective layer that the DUB wheels need. This ensures they stay durable and clean for a long time.

DUB Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Ford F-150
Wheels: Attack 6 – XA40
Wheel Finish: Hi Polish | Matte Candy Red
Wheel Diameter: 26×10

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