Dodge Ram 2500 w/ 20×10 Fuel Rampage D247 Wheels

Dodge Ram 2500 20x10 Fuel Rampage D247 Wheels

In addition to the impressive suspension system that you see on this Dodge Ram 2500, the owner has also fitted a unique set of Fuel Rampage D247 rims. The Fuel wheels measure 20 x10 both at the front and rear. They come built to last and strong enough to support the weight of the new suspension lift. At the center, they boast a chrome finish and a glossy black coating on the outer part. This improves the truck’s driving capabilities and increases capacity for some off-road driving.

Fuel Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Dodge Ram 2500
Wheels: Rampage – D247
Wheel Finish: Chrome Center and Gloss Black Outer
Wheel Diameter: 20×10

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