Dodge Charger w/ 20×8.5 Niche Targa – M131 Wheels

Dodge Charger 20x8.5 Niche Targa M131 Wheels

If you want your four-door American muscle car to look good, then getting the right Dodge Charger wheels and tires is paramount. To highlight the mean style of this Dodge Charger, the owner installed new Niche Targa – M131 rims. These new Dodge Charger wheels measure 20 x 8.5 at the front and rear, and boast a Silver and Machined finish to contrast the factory body color.

Dodge Charger Wheels And Tires Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Dodge Charger
Wheels: Niche Targa – M131
Wheel Finish: Black
Wheel Diameter: 20×8.5

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