Dodge Charger w/ 20×8.5 Niche Targa – M131 Wheels

Dodge Charger 20x8.5 Niche Targa M131 Wheels

The Dodge Charger is the perfect car for those that want power and capability with that old-school muscle formula. Adding on the right Dodge Charger Wheels can transform it into a real show stopper. This Dodge Charger has been equipped with a new set of Niche Targa – M131 rims that sport a Silver and Machined finish to complement the exterior. These new Dodge Charger wheels also measure a solid 20 x 8.5 at the front and rear for the perfect fitment.

Dodge Charger Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Dodge Charger
Wheels: Niche Targa – M131
Wheel Finish: Silver & Machined
Wheel Diameter: 20×8.5

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