Looking for Black Rims for Sale? You come to the right place, we offer a wide selection of black rims for sale from the most trending brands in the industry. Some popular variations of black wheels include Machined Black and Black Milled which is one of the most popular. We offer Fast and Free Shipping and ship our packages mounted and balanced ready to install. Want to see all the Black rims we have to offer? Use our Search By Vehicle tool Today!

Black Rims For Jeep

One of our most popular vehicles that we sell black rims for is the Jeep Wrangler. Many of our lifted Jeep Wrangler customer like Black wheels but also popular amongst the Jeep community is the Black Machined finish and also the Black Milled. We even have some red and black rims for sale that are common for Jeeps.

Black Rims BMW

Another frequent flyer for us and Black wheels are BMWs. From the 3 series, 5 series, 7 series to the M and X series BMW Black wheels have always been a popular choice. Often purchased in staggered and our BMW customers prefer the Black center and machined lips and even the Black milled options.

Black Rims For Sale 17 inch

Our black rims 17 inch options include 17×7, 17×8, 17×8.5, 17×9, 17×9.5 and 17×10 available in car and truck application.

Black Rims For Sale 18 inch

Our black rims 18 come in 18×7, 18×7.5, 18×8, 18×8.5, 18×9, 18×9.5 and 18×10 and fitments offered for both cars and trucks.

20 Inch Black Rims For Sale

Our 20” options are 20×8, 20x.85, 20×9, 20×10, 20×12 and 20×14 available for both cars and trucks.

Different Finish Variations

Some of the variations of Black include Matte which is a dull finish, Satin which is a dull finish also but with a matte clear and you can’t forget the classic gloss which has a clear coat to enhance the glossy look. There are also different finishing techniques such as the machined black which is when the wheel is painted and the top surface machined to expose the raw aluminum and also black milled which is where a cnc machined mills the edges between the spokes to enhance the appearance.