Audi Q7 w/ 22 Custom Rotiform SFO Wheels

Audi Q7 22 Niche SFO Wheels Audi Q7 22 Niche SFO Wheels Audi Q7 22 Niche SFO Wheels

The Audi Q7 is a pretty impressive German SUV. It may not have the driving characteristics of the BMW X5 or the prestige of the Mercedes-Benz GLS but it’s a perfect balance. This Audi Q7 is a bit more unique thanks to a new set of rims from a Custom Wheel Outlet. Here, the Audi Q7 was equipped with new Rotiform SFO rims that go well with the SUV’s modern design. Each one of the SFO rims from the Custom Wheel Outlet sport a Matte Anthracite finish and measure an imposing 22 inches in diameter.

Custom Wheel Outlet Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Audi Q7
Wheels: Rotiform SFO
Wheel Finish: Matte Anthracite
Wheel Diameter: 22

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