Volkswagen GTI w/ 19×8.5 Rotiform BLQ Wheels

Volkswagen GTI 19x8.5 Rotiform BLQ Wheels Volkswagen GTI 19x8.5 Rotiform BLQ Wheels

The Volkswagen GTI is a popular car among speed enthusiasts for its higher level of performance. It comes with a turbocharged engine that gives plenty of power for both city and highway driving. This particular model sports a new set of Rotiform BLQ rims that measure 19 x 8.5 both front and rear. The Rotiform wheels are machined to boost the car’s nimble handling and are finished in silver for that extra aesthetic appeal. They stand out as one of the best sets of wheels for a Volkswagen GTI.

Rotiform Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Volkswagen GTI
Wheels: BLQ
Wheel Finish: Silver & Machined
Wheel Diameter: 19×8.5

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