Toyota 4Runner w/ 20×9 Fuel Throttle D513 Wheels

Toyota 4Runner 20x9 Fuel Throttle D513 Wheels

The Toyota 4Runner has been around since 1984. It’s a mid-size SUV that has benefitted from years of manufacturing experience. For the average outdoor person, it’s the perfect car for adventure and travel. The pictured model rides on a new set of Fuel Throttle D513 rims that measure 20 x 9 both front and rear. The Fuel wheels are milled for that true adventure fitment and finished in Matte Black to match the overall paint job.

Fuel Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Toyota 4Runner
Wheels: Throttle – D513
Wheel Finish: Matte Black & Milled
Wheel Diameter: 20×9

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