Infiniti M45 w/ 22×10 Niche Intake M160 Wheels

Infiniti M45 22x10 Niche Intake M160 Wheels

The Infiniti M45 is an executive sedan that has been around for a long time. Back in 1989, it was known as the Nissan Leopard. It has grown to become a reliable and advanced modern sedan that is heavily sort after. This particular model comes with a new set of Niche Intake M160 rims. The wheels measure 22×10 both front and rear and are large enough to accommodate 265/35/22 tires. They are linked to an Eibach Pro-Kit suspension system to provide better handling and driveability. You also get a silver and machined finish, making them the best Fuel wheels that you could have on an executive sedan.

Niche Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Infiniti M45
Wheels: Intake – M160
Wheel Finish: Silver & Machined
Wheel Diameter: 22×10

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