How much do Tires And Rims Cost?

One of the questions we get asked the most thru our support ticket system is – How much do Tires and Rims Cost? The short answer is, it depends, It depends on many different factors ranging from what diameter you’re looking for and also what tire size is required for your package. Below we outline a couple of different factors that can influence the price of your wheels and tires online.

Wheel Diameter

Price is very dependent on the diameter of the wheel as the larger the diameter the more aluminum required in the manufacturing process.

Wheel Finish

How much does it cost to get black rims?

A solid color wheel will be much more affordable than a two-tone wheel or a wheel that has special machining such as milling.

How much do chrome rims cost?

Chrome is also more expensive than a painted wheel as it chrome requires a multi-step labor-intensive process to achieve.

Tire Requirement

One of the biggest contributing factors is the tire size required for your package. When we developed our vehicle database we were always considerate to not only what the best size tire option would be for certain vehicles but we also considered sizes that are mass-produced and affordable. This way we’re not only showing you the absolute best fitment but also a fitment that will be available in multiple options and price points.

Best Way To Find Out

The best way to find out what the cost of your tires and rims will be to use our search tool below by entering your vehicles year, make and model and your desired size and we’ll show you all the wheel options available sorted by lowest price first. This is the best way to determine the actual tires and rims cost.