Ford Focus w/ 19×8.5 Niche Verona – M150 Wheels

Ford Focus 19x8.5 Niche Verona M150 Wheels

The Ford Focus in base form may not be as exciting as its ST or RS siblings, but it’s still quite a fun vehicle. This White model is relatively stock save for a new set of Ford Focus Rims. Here, the owner opted to install a new set of Niche Verona – M150 wheels in a 19 x 8.5 front and rear setup. Each one of the Niche Verona – M150 Ford Focus Rims also wears a Black and Machined with Dark Tint finish to stand out even more.

Ford Focus Rims Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Ford Focus
Wheels: Niche Verona – M150
Wheel Finish: Black & Machined with Dark Tint
Wheel Diameter: 19×8.5

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