Ford Focus w/ 18×8 Niche Monza – M140 Wheels

Ford Focus 18x8 Niche Monza M140 Wheels

The Ford Focus is perfect for those that are looking for capability and fun in a relatively affordable package. Many owners aren’t afraid to modify them with new Ford Focus wheels, and this bad boy is sporting a new set of Niche Monza – M140 rims. Here, the new Ford Focus Wheels and Tire Package stars the Niche Monza – M140 rims in a 18 x 8.0 size. Each one of the Ford Focus wheels proudly sports a Black and Machined finish to contrast the Blue body paint.

Ford Focus Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Ford Focus
Wheels: Niche Monza – M140
Wheel Finish: Black & Machined
Wheel Diameter: 18×8

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