Ford Bronco w/ 20×12 Fuel Maverick D260 Wheels

Ford Bronco 20x12 Fuel Maverick D260 Wheels

This Ford Bronco may not be able to match up to its current version but, it’s still a great reminder of how far the model has come. It sports a new set of Fuel Maverick D260 rims sized 20×12 both front and rear. These are made using chrome – one of the stronger materials used for making wheels. They are electroplated to make them stronger for rugged terrains. The owner also picked a gloss black finish on the lips. This adds extra protection and style to the Fuel wheels.

Fuel Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Ford Bronco
Wheels: Maverick – D260
Wheel Finish: Chrome with Gloss Black Lip
Wheel Diameter: 20×12

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