Chevrolet Suburban w/ 28×10 DUB Phase 6 S107 Wheels

Chevrolet Suburban 28x10 DUB Phase 6 S107 Wheels

A chrome-plated set of DUB wheels can really improve the performance of your car. Take, for example, this Chevrolet Suburban which rides on a new set of DUB Phase 6 S107 rims. The rims measure 28×10, making them one of the largest sets available for a full-size SUV. They not only improve performance but also provide an additional riding height that gives you a better driving view. With a shiny finish, you’re likely to attract the right kind of attention with these DUB wheels.

DUB Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Chevrolet Suburban
Wheels: Phase 6 – S107
Wheel Finish: Chrome Plated
Wheel Diameter: 28×10

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