Chevrolet Monte Carlo w/ 18×9 US Mag Standard U102 Wheels

Chevrolet Monte Carlo 18x9 USMag Standard U102 Wheels

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo had a long history before its discontinuation in 2007. The model that you see above is from the very first generations of Monte Carlos that GM produced in the 70s. It carries on its classic style while riding on a new set of US Mag Standard U102 rims that measure 18×8 front and 18×9 rear. The US Mag wheels feature a Diamond Cut Lip and a Textured Gray finish – showing that this classic car still has its groove.

US Mag Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Wheels: Standard – U102
Wheel Finish: Textured Gray w/ Diamond Cut Lip
Wheel Diameter: 18×8 | 18×9

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