Chevrolet Camaro w/ 18×8.5 US Mag Rambler U111 Wheels

Chevrolet Camaro 18x8.5 USMag Rambler U111 Wheels

The Chevrolet Camaro received its name from Ed Rollett and Bob Lund who were both reading a book entitled Heath’s French and English Dictionary. The two discovered that the word “Camaro” was French slang for pal, comrade, or pal. Its use on the car was meant to imply “the comradeship of good friends, as a personal car should be to its owner”. The Camaro model you see above was one of the very first variants of the first generation. It rides on a new set of US Mag Rambler U111 rims that measure 18×8.5 front and 18×9.5 rear. The US Mag wheels are finished in Textured Gray and boast of a Diamond Cut Lip for that true classic treatment.

US Mag Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Chevrolet Camaro
Wheels: Rambler – U111
Wheel Finish: Textured Gray w/ Diamond Cut Lip
Wheel Diameter: 18×8.5 | 18×9.5

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