Cadillac CTS w/ 32×10 DUB Phase 5 S105 Wheels

Cadillac CTS 32x10 DUB Phase 5 S105 Wheels

The Cadillac CTS is an agile and competent luxury sedan that handles pretty well on the road. It gives the driver the comfort and reliability they need wherever they go. This example rides on a new set of DUB Phase 5 S105 rims that measure 20 both front and rear. The rims boast a machined face and a black finishing. They push the limits when it comes to custom rims. With this set, you’re assured of great performance while your Cadillac rides on its DUB wheels.

DUB Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Cadillac CTS
Wheels: Phase 5 – S105
Wheel Finish: Black Machined Face
Wheel Diameter: 20

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