BMW M6 w/ 20×9 Niche Circuit M109 Wheels

BMW M6 20x9 Niche Circuit M109 Wheels

The BMW M6 is your go-to sedan when you need high performance and extraordinary driving capabilities. It blends its aggressive exterior designs with unmatched power under the hood. For this particular example, the owner decided to take things up a notch. He went for a new set of Niche Circuit M109 rims that measure a large 20×9 both front and rear. The Niche wheels boast a shiny and glossy finish on their outer part to give the M6 that desired aesthetic touch.

Niche Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: BMW M6
Wheels: Circuit – M109
Wheel Finish:
Wheel Diameter: 20×9 | 20×10

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