BMW 4-Series w/ 19×8.5 Niche Essen M146 Wheels

BMW 4-Series 19x8.5 Niche Essen M146 Wheels

When you step on the gas in the BMW 4-Series, you get to experience impressive acceleration from a powerful engine. Once you get moving, it’s only fair that you do so on a cool set of wheels. This particular example features a new set of Niche Essen M146 rims that measure a large 19×8.5. The Niche wheels are machined for that perfect finish and coated in Silver to protect the aluminum metal from debris and rust. The finish also works well to complement the overall white exterior of the BMW.

Niche Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: BMW 4-Series
Wheels: Essen – M146
Wheel Finish: Silver & Machined
Wheel Diameter: 19×8.5

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