Do Fuel Wheels Need Special Lug Nuts?

If you’re looking to learn if Fuel Wheels Need Special Lug Nuts, we’re here to answer that question!

Fuel Wheels just like the majority of aftermarket wheels require the use of conical seat lug nuts. If you’re looking to use your factory lugs they most likely won’t work as most vehicles from factory come with shank or flange style lug nuts. Although we don’t consider conical lugs “special lugs” they may be considered “special” for those comparing to factory lugs. The good news is that most major auto part chains carry conical seat lugs so they’re easily source-able. If your Fuel Wheels have a cap that hides the lugs we recommend you go with open end lugs as the close end lugs will most likely obstruct with the center cap. If you have exposed lug wheels you’ll be better off with closed end lugs.

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