Ford Focus w/ Rotiform SIX Rims

The Ford Focus is one of the more entertaining hatchbacks that you’ll find on the road today, even in non-ST and -RS forms. This bad boy is sporting a new set of Rotiform rims along with a few other goodies. Here, the owner installed a new set of Rotiform SIX wheels along with a lowering kit that eliminates fender gap quite a bit. Each one of the Rotiform rims features a Matte Black face with Gloss Black windows to match the new color scheme well. The Rotiform SIX wheels also feature a classic six-spoke design and multi-piece construction with exposed hardware.

Rotiform Rims Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Ford Focus
Wheels: Rotiform SIX
Wheel Finish: Matte Black Face w/ Gloss Black Windows
Wheel Diameter:

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