Ford F-350 w/ 24×8.25 Fuel Maverick Dually Front D262 Wheels

Ford F-350 24x8.25 Fuel Maverick Dually Front D262 Wheels

When improving the ride height of your truck, going higher than normal isn’t always enough. You must ensure that your truck sits on a capable set of wheels that can handle the additional weight of the new suspension. The owner of this example picked the Fuel Maverick Dually Front D262 rims. These are sized 24×8.25 both front and rear. They boast a custom finish and dynamic styling to make them the perfect Fuel wheels for this truck.

Fuel Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Ford F-350
Wheels: Maverick Dually Front – D262
Wheel Finish: Custom
Wheel Diameter: 24×8.25

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