Chevrolet Chevelle w/ 15×7 Fuel Indy U101 Wheels

Chevrolet Chevelle 15x7 USMAG Indy U101 Wheels

This Chevrolet Chevelle rides on a new set of Fuel Indy U101 rims that measure 15×7 front and 15×8 rear. They come polished to match the shine that you see on the vehicle’s body. A fresh set of tires sized 215/70r15 front and 275/60r15 rear provides the necessary rubber needed to hit the asphalt. While we may no longer have these classic cars coming out of the factory, we get to marvel at this particular model and its stylish set of Fuel wheels.

Fuel Wheels Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Chevrolet Chevelle
Wheels: Indy – U101
Wheel Finish: Polished
Wheel Diameter: 15×7 | 15×8

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