Highest Rated Wheel & Tire Dealer Online

How we got here:

Our parent company was founded is 2002 and as of today is one of the largest parts suppliers to the Caribean, Central, and South America. Throughout the years many of our export and wholesale customers began to request aftermarket wheels which is when we opened our wheel sales division. We grew from selling a couple sets a week to multiple containers a month which quickly made us one of the larger export wheel dealers.

Our Transition to Retail and Online Sales:

We later decided to take advantage of our incredible buying power and deep volume discounts and offer products at a retail level via Wheels ASAP. We decided early on to only partner with brands that can meet or exceed our high-quality standards allowing for us to offer our customers a stress-free shopping experience.

Our Core Values:

Our Core Value and the secret to our success is to Always Deliver WOW thru Service. We achieve this by partnering with the right brands and hiring the right people. Our impeccable reputation is a staple of our service, we look forward to WOWing you!

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