Looking to buy Tire And Rim Packages Online? You come to the right place! WheelsASAP offers Tire And Rim Packages from premium brands at the lowest prices. We offer an Industry First Lifetime Structural Waranty with all the rim brands we distribute. Use our Vehicle Search tool to see all the options we offer for your vehicle.

How The Industry Works (In a nutshell):

Rims are typically imported into the United States by a Parent Brand Wholesaler whom either owns the brand or holds exclusivity in the United States to distribute the brand. Once the rims arrive at the Parent Brand Wholesaler, they’re sold to a network of First Tier Distributors. In order to become a First Tier Distributor, the wholesale customer has to make an initial six-figure buy-in order and maintain a large monthly minimum buy-in to remain an active First Tier Distributor. The smaller local tire shops that don’t meet the Parent Brand Wholesaler buy-in requirements are forced to purchase from a First Tier Distributor at a marked up price. These types of customers are considered ‘Third Tier Dealers’.

So how do you get the best price on Tire And Rim Packages?

Simple: buy as close to the Parent Brand Wholesaler as possible! Let’s face it, you’ll never get to buy off the Parent Brand Wholesaler unless you have a Tax ID, business license, and are ready to fork out a six-figure order. So the next best thing is to buy from someone who already met those requirements and is a First Tier Distributor. If you land in the hands of a third-tier dealer, you’ll end up paying way above retail.

How can I tell if I’m buying directly from a First Tier Distributor?

A good way to tell is that a true First Tier Distributor won’t hit you with phony baloney and fake freebies. These tactics are popular amongst Third Tier dealers as they need to find gimmicky, creative, and often unethical ways to snatch the sale while still making a buck.

Avoid the Phony Baloney!

A popular way of advertising low priced Cheap Rims is for shops to display a low price up front. Upon checking out, they will hit you in the head with the shipping, overpriced lug nuts, and/or a mounting and balancing fee. Some retailers will even go as far as making it look like the shipping is free only to sneak in fine print on the final checkout page that you won’t notice until you get your credit card bill.

But wait, the other guys offer Free Shipping…

No shipping is free. FedEx and UPS are businesses that need to make money in order to survive. Third Tier dealers will either bundle shipping into the price and hit you with a forced upsell or sneak a charge for shipping on the last check-out page. Most First Tier Distributors have the room in their pricing to absorb the shipping fee at no extra charge to you. Always be sure to ask what company will be shipping your purchase. Don’t be fooled by the FedEx or UPS logos in the company’s website! Most websites will use third-party brokers to subcontract your shipment to different trucking companies before it reaches your front door.

Love me some Free Lugs and Locks!

Let’s be honest, when was the last time that you got something for free that was a high-quality product? We have the ability to buy lugs nuts at $0.03 each and wheel locks at $0.40. The thought process of Third Tier dealers is to offer you something free that cost them $1.00 ($0.03×20 = $0.60 for the lugs plus $0.40 for the locks). What quality can you expect from lugs and locks that cost $1.00? After all, those low-quality lug nuts and locks are securing the wheels to your vehicle. Not only are these lugs and locks made from lower tier recycled metal, but they are covered in low-quality chrome plating that will get surface rust shortly after being installed.

If it’s too good to be true, Dig Deeper Before Committing!

If you’re getting a price that sounds too good to be true, then you need to Dig Deeper! In most cases, the Third Tier dealers will give you a solid out-the-door price and forget you if you have an issue with the order. Search the reviews of the shop on Google and see what type of service they really offer customers. It’s easy to get the sale, but it’s not easy to offer the service after the sale!

What is the Return Policy and Restocking Fees?

Make sure that you know in advance if they even accept returns. If they do, make sure that you’re aware of what the return procedure is and what fees are involved.

WheelsASAP is a First Tier Distributor of all the brands we represent and will always offer you the best possible price upfront. We don’t offer Baloney but we do offer Free Freight, which we absorb into our profits to make sure we give you the fairest price possible. We don’t offer free low-quality lugs and locks but do offer premium hardware options when checking out. We also offer an Industry-first Free Lifetime Structural Warranty for our wheels. If by chance you find a price online cheaper than what we’re offering, let us know and we’ll beat it by $50 No Questions Asked!