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This question is hard for us to answer because it’s exactly what we do! However, we wanted to take a quick minute and prevent some awful scenarios that a few of our customers have shared with us. We hope that these will help you in the buying process regardless of where you decide to make your purchase.

The biggest influencers in the online rim and tire shopping boom are convenience and the fact that you pay just a fraction of what local brick-and-mortar businesses charge. However, when choosing a vendor for your cheap rims and tires, it’s important that you do your research and prevent a nightmare.

It’s hard to properly fit wheels on cars as there are very sensitive parameters that need to be followed such as minimum and maximum offset ranges, bolt patterns, center bore and proper tire plus sizing knowledge. This is not learned in school and is a skill set that you can only develop with years of experience.

A question to ask yourself is if the business will have your back when the wheels don’t fit properly. Keep in mind that repackaging and return shipping can cost up to $275.00, which many vendors try to avoid at all costs.

Here are some ways you can avoid dealing with fly by nights:

Look out for Backyard Bandits! Always look at the ‘Contact Us’ page and look for an address. Take a minute to search that address on Google Maps and see what type of business you’re dealing with. When making a big investment in your wheels and tires, you always want to make sure you’re not dealing with a fly by night that won’t be there for you if a warranty issue arises. Some of these establishments that offer cheap prices are working out of a home garage. Avoid those vendors without an address, list a home address, or operate out of a warehouse that looks like a haunted house.

Take a moment to read the Return Policy

Take a look at what the restocking fees and how much time they give you to return products. Usually, the fly by nights don’t even accept returns and those that do will hit you with an inflated restocking fee and a short timespan to return products, making it impossible for any customer.

Is the wheel and tire fitment guaranteed?

Ask in advance what the process is if the wheels don’t fit properly. Keep in mind that these low-ballers don’t make enough profit on deals to cover any additional expenses required to make things right if problems arise.

Lastly, never forget to check the company’s reputation online.

This is most likely the most important piece of advice we can offer. As mentioned above, it’s easy to offer a low-ball price but are the low-ballers going to step up to the plate when things go sour?

They won’t because they don’t make any profit on deals, which leaves no margin for error if things go wrong. When things do go wrong, it becomes a game of Hide and Seek. Sure, you can always file a chargeback with your credit card company but this will require you to ship the wheels and tires back at your expense in order to get a full refund.

Before committing to a low-ball deal, take a minute and search the company’s name followed by the term ‘reviews’ on Google. For example: “XYZ Wheels Reviews”. This will give you a true perspective from actual customers as to what you can expect from the business if you do decide to purchase from them

There are lots of reputable establishments online. Don’t let this post discourage you. We’re merely here to guide you on how to properly research prior to buying so that you don’t get burned.

The WheelsASAP Advantage

At WheelsASAP, we operate out of a 10,000 square-foot warehouse that we own. Our return policy is simple: if you don’t like them, send them back and you won’t be charged any restocking fees – our fitments have a 100% Fitment Guarantee.

Many low-ballers can match or beat our prices, but none match our customer-oriented policies, heroic after-sales support, and impeccable reputation.

Don’t get burned by the low-ballers!